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Maybe this isn’t a Rising Stars for ME question, but how do I update my program openings on Child Care Choices?

Mar 4, 2024 | Rising Stars | 0 comments

This is a great question, and is related to Rising Stars for ME. Behind the scenes, many of the databases used by licensed programs are connected and “talk” to each other – this is the case with Rising Stars for ME and Child Care Choices. 

When families search Child Care Choices for programs, one piece of information that displays with a program’s address and phone number is the number of openings by age group and whether or not the program accepts Child Care Subsidy Program funding: 

Open Infant Slots, 6 weeks to 1 year old: 1
Open Toddler Slots, 1-2 years old: 1
Open Preschool Slots, 3-5 years old: 0
Open School Age Slots, 5 years or older: 0
Accepts CCSP: NO

In the past, programs have been able to update this information by logging in to what was called the “Program Portal.” A new and improved Program Profile page is currently under development and will be coming to you soon. 

In the meantime, programs should email updates on openings or acceptance of Child Care Subsidy Program funding to risingstarsforme@maine.edu and our staff will update Child Care Choices manually. 

As always, reach out to risingstarsforme@maine.edu with questions.