What Is the Maine Inclusion Credential?

Maine Roads to Quality Professional Development Network, in partnership with the Maine Department of Health and Human Services Office of Child and Family Services and the Center for Community Inclusion and Disability Studies, has developed the Maine Inclusion Credential to help practitioners build the skills, knowledge, resources, and attitudes to offer care to all children in an inclusive environment.

Inclusion Credential

Inclusion Credential Brochure

Each Maine Credential requires the following components:

  • Documentation of specific training and/or education requirements.
  • Submission of evidence documenting understanding and mastery of the competencies defined in each Maine Credential.
  • Feedback or other documentation regarding the practitioner’s engagement with families.
  • An on-site visit consisting of an observation and/or interview.

MRTQ PDN convenes Review Teams quarterly – in January, April, July, and October – to review Maine Credential applications. For detailed information about the Maine Credentials, please click on a specific Credential above.

Credential Cohorts

MRTQ PDN offers support to practitioners who have completed the requirements to apply for a Maine Credential.  Find out about the Credential Cohorts here:

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