Core Knowledge Training denotes a standardized set of curricula covering the following eight Core Knowledge Areas:


Healthy, Safe Environments


Child Development


Developmentally Appropriate Practice



Observation and Assessment




Relationships with Families


Individual & Cultural Diversity & Inclusion


Business & Professional Development


What are the benefits of enrolling in Core Knowledge Training?

Core Knowledge Training offers a consistent body of knowledge regarding best practices in early childhood education and out-of-school time programming for both new and experienced practitioners. Core Knowledge Training can be used:

  • To move practitioners up the first four Levels of the Direct Care, Public School, and Legal, Unregulated Career Lattices.
  • Toward earning a Maine Credential.
  • To meet training requirements for national accreditation.
  • Toward earning a Child Development Associate Credential (CDA).
  • To meet annual training requirements of Child Care Licensing.


MRTQ PDN Faciliated Trainings: Spring and Fall Sessions


Spring Session (January 1st – June 30th)

Training Calendar available December 1st

Fall Session (July 1st – December 31st)

Training Calendar available June 1st


Caring for Infants & Toddlers & Their Families (Spring/Fall)

Collaborating with Others to Support Inclusion (Spring/Fall)

Creating Equitable Early Learning Communities (Spring/Fall)
Creating Quality Outdoor Spaces (Spring/Fall)

Creating Inclusive Youth Development Settings (Spring)

Designing Early Learning: Curriculum and Assessment in Preschool (Spring/Fall)

Early Childhood Education: Theory to Practice (Spring)

Engaging in Professional Development with Adult Learners (Spring/Fall)

Environments in Early Care & Education (Spring/Fall)

Foundations of Health, Wellness, & Safety (Spring/Fall)

Foundations of Coaching (Spring)  

Foundations of Collaborative Consultation (Fall)

Foundations of Mentoring (Spring/Fall)

Foundations of Peer-to Peer Networks (Spring)

Foundations of Relationship-Based Technical Assistance (Fall)

Foundations of Universal Design and Individualizing (Fall)

Inclusive Child Care (Spring/Fall)

Infant & Toddler Maine Early Learning and Development Standards (Spring/Fall)

Links to Learning: Curriculum Planning in Out-of-School Time (Spring)

Maine Child Care Leadership 1: Building Foundation for Quality (Spring/Fall)

Maine Child Care Leadership 2: Leadership in Early Childhood and Out-of-School Time Programs Today (Spring/Fall)

Maine Child Care Leadership 3: Transforming Leaders and Programs (Spring/Fall)

Maine’s Early Learning and Development Standards (Spring/Fall)

Partners in Caring: Families & Caregivers (Spring/Fall)

Positive Support and Challenging Behaviors (Spring/Fall)

Social and Emotional Learning – Birth to Age 5 (Spring/Fall)

Stress Happens: Transforming Your Relationship to Stress (Spring/Fall)

Strengthening Business Practices (Spring/Fall)

Working with School-Age Children and Youth (Fall)

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