Virtual and On-site consultation is FREE and available in all regions of Maine!

As of 3/9/2022, MRTQ PDN is resuming on-site consultation (read the details here).

Virtual and On-site consultation involves individualized, virtual and/or on-site support to programs using a partnership approach. Trained consultants offer a fresh perspective and provide opportunities to share ideas, learn more about a topic, and practice new strategies.

Working together, the consultant and the practitioner:

Meet and discuss the focus of consultation

Jointly develop a plan with agreed-upon goals and activities

Identify who will do what, and by when

Implement the plan

Meet to discuss how the activities worked and next steps

Programs can request consultation on a variety of issues or topics, such as:

Guidance with developing policies and procedures

Arranging your environment

Help with accreditation

Improving family engagement

Implementation of Maine’s Early Learning and Development Standards

Strategies for supporting children’s positive social and emotional development

Problem-solving approaches to prevent expulsion

Request Virtual or On-site Consultation today!

Program Directors, Administrators or Family Child Care Owners may request consultation.
Our TA Manager will contact you within three business days.

Our office hours are Monday – Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm
(with the exception of state and federal holidays and University-wide snow days).

Virtual and On-Site Consultation Brochure

Virtual and On-site Consultation: Consultee Tipsheet

Virtual and On-site Consultation: Family Tipsheet