Obtain preventative support from our inclusion specialists!

The Warm Line serves as the first step in providing practical, accurate information to support the successful inclusion of children with special health needs, disabilities, mental health concerns, or challenging behavior.

A warm line provides preventative and non-emergency person-to-person support and resources, The MRTQ PDN Warm Line is jointly staffed by professionals with expertise in inclusive practices; disabilities; children’s health, social, and emotional development; behavior; and early childhood mental health.

The Warm Line is NOT a hotline.  If your situation is serious and urgent, please treat it as an emergency and CALL 911.

Practical advice is just a call or email away!

Phone and email support can be requested by calling 1-844-209-5964.

Our office hours are Monday – Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm
(with the exception of state and federal holidays and University-wide snow days).


Warm Line Brochure