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I’m getting ready to begin the Rising Stars for ME application and create my E-Portfolio. What files types does the E-Portfolio accept?

Nov 1, 2023 | Rising Stars | 0 comments

Here are a few reminders about E-Portfolio documents: 

  • Only programs meeting the requirements for Stars 3, 4, and 5 will upload documents to the E-Portfolio. 
  • Ensure confidentiality by leaving out all names and images of individuals (children, staff, and families). Remember to redact all names and identifying information on sample documents. 
  • Recommended file types are .txt, .pdf, .xls, .doc, .docx, .jpg, and.png. Please reach out to risingstarsforme@maine.edu if you have difficulty uploading your documents. 
  • Programs can also upload URLs to link to Google Docs or other online documentation, such as an online version of your Program Handbook. 
  • Programs are not required to assemble a physical portfolio, but remember that during on-site visits a representative from the Office of Child and Family Services may ask to see hard copies of your documentation. 

If you have a suggestion for a future Tip of the Week, please send it to risingstarsforme@maine.edu