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I have not completed the MELDS or IT MELDS, but I have a college degree and ten years of experience. Can I get a waiver for this training requirement?

Aug 9, 2023 | Rising Stars

You can read this previous Tip of the Week to learn more about who in your program is required to take which Maine Early Learning and Development Standards (MELDS) training. Read these requirements carefully, as they have changed from Quality for ME!

The Infant Toddler Maine Early Learning and Development Standards (IT MELDS) and Preschool Maine Early Learning and Development Standards (MELDS) are complex documents that require an understanding of child development, observation, and curriculum planning. The 30-hour MELDS and IT MELDS trainings are designed to introduce these concepts in the context of these documents.

Some Maine practitioners may choose an alternative pathway to learning this important information through college coursework and experience with children. MRTQ PDN has a process for requesting a waiver for the MELDS and/or IT MELDS training requirement in Rising Stars for ME with the goal of recognizing alternative pathways and providing programs with additional flexibility.

Individuals who feel that their accrued coursework, professional development, and experience meets the learning objectives of the MELDS and/or IT MELDS training may initiate a MELDS and/or IT MELDS waiver request by contacting the MRTQ PDN Training Coordinator by email at mrtq.training@maine.edu or by phone at 1-888-900-0055 (select ‘Option 2’).

Please allow two week after submission of a complete waiver application for MRTQ PDN to process your waiver request. Upon approval, your Registry record will update and be reflected in your program’s Rising Stars for ME application.

As always, please reach out to risingstarsforme@maine.edu with questions.