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What is the process for renewing my program’s enrollment with Rising Stars for ME?

Nov 22, 2023 | Rising Stars

This is thinking ahead! It’s important to know that there is not a renewal process with Rising Stars for ME; programs must REAPPLY at the time of their license renewal or any time there is an anticipated rating change. 

Once you have completed your program’s initial application with Rising Star for ME and received a rating, you will receive an expiration date that aligns with your license expiration. During the term of your license, you may REAPPLY with Rising Stars for ME at any time. For example: 

  • Your program is working toward rating at a higher Star and you would like to update your E-Portfolio or submit an application for a higher rating. 

  • Your program experiences a circumstance that would require re-rating at a lower Star, such as not renewing accreditation. 

  • Your program receives a Conditional License and must reapply with Rising Stars for ME once the period of the Conditional License is over. 

As your license renewal date approaches, you will REAPPLY with Rising Stars for ME to stay in compliance with licensing. 

Stay tuned for the next Tip of the Week where we’ll discuss how to update your E-Portfolio each time your program reapplies. 

As always, reach out to risingstarsforme@maine.edu with questions.