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Once I start the application, do I have to finish it all at once? Can I pick up where I left off?

Sep 6, 2023 | Rising Stars

First off, for a quick review, here’s what you’ll need to log in to the application:

  1. Your MRTQ Registry login email and password.
  2. Current approval for Director of Record Access (DoRA) or DoRA Assistant.
  3. Your program’s license number.

Once you log in, you can start a new application. You’ll first review some preliminary questions regarding your program’s contact information, ages of children served, and staff information. After confirming the demographic information is correct, you’ll move on to the E-Portfolio and Standards section.

You can choose to upload all of your documents to the E-Portfolio before you begin answering the questions, or you can upload as you go. (More about the E-Portfolio in a future Tip of the Week!)

You can stop the application at any time and your progress will be saved. The next time you log in, you can select the saved application and continue or update any previously entered information. 

In addition, if your program has more than one DoRA or DoRA Assistant, the application will be shared between the two accounts. 

Each program can have only one in-process application at a time and once the application is signed and submitted, no additional changes can be made.

So don’t worry if you have to step away while working through the application – your progress will be waiting for you when you return.

As always, reach out to risingstarsforme@maine.edu with questions.