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My facility doesn’t prepare food for children. How can we meet the requirement around meeting dietary needs under Standard 7?

Mar 4, 2024 | Rising Stars

Important note: This requirement applies to FACILITIES only. Family child care programs do not have a requirement around this policy. 

Standard 7 addresses Health, Safety, Physical Activity, and Nutrition. Under Star 3 there is a requirement that reads “The Provider Handbook includes a policy describing how the program meets the dietary needs of children/youth, taking into consideration diverse food and nutrition as determined by culture, religion, and/or disabilities.” 

This requirement applies whether a program prepares food or if families send food from home. There should be a policy in place that informs families of the program’s approach to all meal and snack times. For example, are there are types of foods that are discouraged or prohibited? How does the program address food allergies? Does the program offer support to families facing food insecurity? 

Each program’s policy will be unique and address the needs and concerns of the children, families, and staff that eat at the program. 

Looking for guidance around nutrition? Check out this previous Tip of the Week for resources around Standard 7 that address nutrition. 

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