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Can I edit my Rising Stars for ME application after I submit it?

Oct 16, 2023 | Rising Stars

If you’ve been into the Rising Stars for ME application, you might see that you can view both submitted applications and the application in progress. It’s important to distinguish between the two and what can be changed or updated, and what can’t. On the page that says “My Application History,” you will see: 

  • Completed applications – these are application that have been submitted, meaning that you made it to the final page of the application, digitally signed your name, and hit submit. These applications can be viewed, but not edited. 

  • It’s important to note that each license number can only have one application in the certification queue at any one time. Once the Office of Child and Family Services has issued a certificate for your program based on the submitted application, your program can submit a new application. Please allow one week for your submitted application to be certified. 

  • In-process applications – this application is currently in process and has not been submitted. This application can be edited by anyone at the program with Director of Record or Director of Record Assistant Access. Programs may only have one in-process application at a time. If you’d like to start your application over, please delete the current in-process application. 

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