On-Demand Training and Professional Development


MRTQ PDN is excited to offer self-paced on-demand training and professional development that can be completed at any time and in any place with an internet connection. These trainings and professional development opportunities combine video, reading, visuals, and knowledge checks to keep you engaged and ready to learn. On-demand training gives you the flexibility to schedule training at a time that works for you.


On-demand training does not have an instructor guiding you. If you have questions during a training, please contact our Training and Curriculum Coordinator at jennifer.conley@maine.edu.


Available On-Demand Training 

Health and Safety Basics: Requirements for Certification (Better Kid Care, 6 hour certificate)

This 6-hour online training meets the requirements for orientation to health and safety topics outlined in the Child Care Development Block Grant (CCDBG). *Note: In order to fully comply with the requirements, you will need to maintain current Pediatric and Adult CPR and First Aid certification.

Completion of this training is required for Child Care Subsidy Program (CCSP) participants to assure continuation of subsidy payment. This federal requirement applies to all directors, teachers, and caregivers within child care settings that receive Child Care Subsidy Program funds.

MRTQ PDN has an agreement with Better Kid Care (BKC) at PennState Extension to offer Maine practitioners the training Health & Safety Basics: Requirements for Certification.” The Office of Child and Family Services (OCFS) has determined that this training will meet the requirement for health and safety training. Currently, this 6-hour training is being offered free of charge for Maine practitioners. The training costs are being paid through the agreement between MRTQ PDN and Better Kid Care. You will need a code, provided by MRTQ PDN, to enter on the website in order to enroll for FREE.

Elective Training Verification Policy

MRTQ PDN strongly encourages Registry members to enter their elective training hours online.

  • Registry members should enter elective training hours into their online record in a timely manner.
  • Once the elective training has been entered online, the Registry member must forward a signed copy of the training certificate to verify attendance.
  • Upon receipt of training attendance documentation, MRTQ Registry staff will verify the member’s attendance at the elective training. Please allow 4-6 weeks for verification.
  • Once verified by MRTQ Registry staff, the submitted paperwork will be destroyed.

Once a Registry member has access to their account online, it is easy to add training, modify employment and other personal information, and ensure that member information is up to date.

I have set up online access, now how do I enter my elective training?
  • Go to: https://mrtq-registry.org
  • Login in as a Returning User, entering your user name and password
  • Go to the My Training drop down menu and choose “Elective Training”
  • Click on “Enter new elective training”
  • Enter the name, date, location, and hours of the training offered
  • Click the save button
  • Once you complete this online process, please scan and email a copy of your training certificate to: registry@maine.edu
  • If scanning and emailing is unavailable to you, please mail copies to:
    Maine Roads to Quality, Muskie School of Public Service
    University of Southern Maine
    PO Box 9300, 34 Bedford Street
    Portland, ME 04104-9300
  • Please allow 4-6 weeks for verification.
What do I do if I have questions about this process?

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. You may reach Eric Norgaard at eric.norgaard@maine.edu or call 1-888-900-0055.

Career Lattice Level Appeal Policy

Upon final processing of a Maine Roads to Quality Registry application, members are mailed a welcome packet which contains a letter welcoming the member to the Registry. This letter informs the member of his/her Registry Level and outlines the process of appeal if the member feels that he/she should be considered as a different Level on the Career Lattice. Members can contact MRTQ PDN at any time if they feel their Registry Level does not reflect their education, work experience, or training history appropriately.

If a member on the MRTQ Registry is not satisfied with his/her placement, he/she should pursue the following steps:

  1. Contact the Registry Manager to review the application process to ensure that all necessary documentation was included with the application and entered into the member’s record correctly. If there is no resolution to the member’s concern, the member should request in writing within 30 days after the initial review for an additional review. The member must submit in writing what level he/she feels is appropriate and provide any additional documentation to support the request for review.
  2. Upon receipt of a written appeal, the Registry Manager will convene, within 10 working days, an ad hoc Appeals Committee consisting of the MRTQ PDN Director (or designee) and a Registry member working in the same setting as the appealing member. The committee will review the written appeal and take action. If the member’s appeal is found to have merit, a new Registry certificate will be issued. If the appeal is denied, the member will be informed in writing of the committee’s decision and rationale.
  3. If the member wishes to take the appeal action further, he/she will be directed to take the appeal to the Department of Health and Human Services. The Department of Health and Human Services will follow their internal processes and make a final decision about the appeals request. At this point, MRTQ PDN is not part of appeals process and will be guided by the state’s decision regarding the member’s Registry level. MRTQ PDN also has no input at this point concerning any time table for the final appeals process.

Fraud Policy

MRTQ PDN defines fraud as the intentional misrepresentation of information to gain an unfair advantage over an individual or a system. Examples of possible fraud with the Maine Roads to Quality Registry include, but are not limited to:

  • Certificate of training attendance manipulation
  • Transcript/diploma distortion
  • Falsified application information
  • Falsified work history/résumé

MRTQ PDN attempts to safeguard against fraud by requiring the applicant to sign the release statement on the application that states that the information is complete and accurate, the applicant is responsible for the information included on the application, and the documentation provided is accurate. MRTQ PDN relies on the signed Registry release statement and assumes that the information provided on the application and supporting documentation is accurate and truthful unless there is clear evidence to indicate otherwise. Participants may unknowingly, and therefore unintentionally, misrepresent training and/or degrees when submitting training certificates or college transcripts. Participants will be contacted if MRTQ PDN staff has questions or concerns about education/training documentation, and will be notified that the documentation in question cannot be entered into the Registry record without further information.

Fraud Follow-up

The suspicion of fraud will be handled on an individual basis with the understanding that participants may unknowingly, and therefore unintentionally, misrepresent work experience and/or training submitted to the Registry. Any suspicion of fraud will be noted as an area of concern within the MRTQ database notes section. If suspect documentation is resubmitted and still raises concerns, the document(s) will be assessed by the MRTQ PDN leadership staff with input from the MRTQ PDN Advisory Council, if necessary. If concern remains at this point the documents will be returned to the Registry member by mail accompanied by a letter detailing why the information will not be included in the member’s Registry record and outlining any further actions that MRTQ PDN may be required to pursue. Providers who wish to pursue further action should follow the MRTQ Career Lattice Level Appeal Policy above.

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