Health and Safety Training FAQS

Health and Safety Training Requirements for CCDBG

There is a new requirement of Child Care and Development Block Grant Reauthorization of 2014 which funds the Child Care Subsidy Program.  All Child Care Subsidy Program providers are required to take basic health and safety training addressing specific subject areas. Completion of this training is required for Child Care Subsidy Program (CCSP) providers to assure continuation of subsidy payment. The federal requirement of completion of basic health and safety training applies to all directors, teachers, and caregivers providing direct care (including Legal Exempt providers) according to their MRTQ Registry status in child care settings that are enrolled as Child Care Subsidy Program providers.

It is important for you to know that this training will need to be completed in order to continue to serve families using the Child Care Subsidy Program. When you hire new employees, they have 90 days to take the training.

The Maine Roads to Quality Professional Development Network, in collaboration with the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Child and Family Services is pleased to offer NEW On-demand Health and Safety Trainings to meet the requirements of providers participating in the Child Care Subsidy Program.

These on-demand trainings are FREE, and include the following topics:

Health and Safety Orientation (6 hours) –This 6-hour on-demand training provides an orientation of the 11 CCDF Health and Safety topics. This is required training for providers participating in the Child Care Subsidy Program.  All staff who work in direct care with children are required to complete this training. After completing the lesson topics, you will need to take a quiz. When you have successfully passed all of the quizzes with at least 80%, you will qualify for the Health and Safety Orientation training certificate. Click on the certificate icon. Print it out and keep it for your records. The MRTQ PDN Registry also receives documentation of your completion, so you will not need to send in your certificate of completion.

Annual Renewal of CCDF Health and Safety (2 hours) – Required annually to maintain compliance as a child care provider/center staff who work directly with children in a program serving families on the Child Care Subsidy Program. A certificate of completion will be provided at the completion of the training.

Access for MRTQ On-demand trainings: To access the MRTQ On-demand trainings, you will need to set up a username and password in the Maine Roads to Quality Registry at the following link:   If you are currently a Registry member, use your MRTQ Registry Login and Password to access the Moodle on-demand trainings at: .

On the home page you will see an orange box.  When you see On-demand Trainings in the orange box, click “Enroll” that brings you to your Registry Login and Password.  From there you can click on the training in which you would like to enroll. 

In addition to the option of child care practitioners completing the Health and Safety Orientation on-demand training individually, child care owners/directors may choose to have their staff complete the training together as a staff professional development day, or in a series of shorter staff meetings. In order to complete the training as a full staff training, please contact Eric Norgaard at (207) 780-4367 or email for instructions for completion.




How do I sign up?

This flyer explains the steps for signing up for this training.

For best results, it is recommended that you use Chrome or Firefox as the web browser to complete the training.  It is not recommended that you complete the training on your cell phone.

You do not need to submit any documentation once you have completed this training; your participation is automatically recorded on the MRTQ Registry. Completion of the training is reported monthly to the Child Care Subsidy Program.  We recommend that you keep a record of your participation for your files.


What is this training all about?

“Health and Safety Orientation” is a 6-hour online training created to meet the requirements outlined in the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) re-authorization of 2014. The topic areas are:

  1. Prevention and control of infectious diseases
  2. Prevention of SIDs and safe sleeping practices
  3. Administration of medication
  4. Prevention of and response to food and allergic reactions
  5. Building and physical premises safety
  6. Prevention of shaken baby syndrome/abusive head trauma
  7. Emergency preparedness and response planning
  8. Handling, storage or disposal of hazardous materials/bio-contaminants
  9. Precautions in transporting children
  10. First aid and CPR information and requirements*
  11. Recognition and reporting of child abuse and neglect

Once you enroll, you can complete the six hours of training at your own pace. Each time you log in, you can pick up where you left off.

* Please note that this training gives basic information regarding the required Pediatric CPR and Pediatric First Aid certification. The “Health and Safety Orientation” training does NOT fulfill this requirement. You will also need to have a current Pediatric CPR and Pediatric First Aid card. Please see below for possible Pediatric First Aid and CPR resources.

Emergency Management by County in Maine:

211 Maine:

Local fire station, ambulance service, and/or hospitals

* Courses must have a hands on component of training


What’s in it for me?

Currently, the training is FREE to CCSP providers. For License Exempt providers, this will allow you to become a Level 1 on the MRTQ Registry License Exempt Career Lattice.

Completing this training will award you six contact hours toward your annual requirement for licensing and certification, you will be qualified to care for children and youth receiving a CCDP subsidy, and you will gain information to support your program in providing a safe and healthy environment for children.


Who do I call if I have problems logging onto the training?

Please contact Eric Norgaard at MRTQ PDN at (207) 780-4367 or email MRTQ PDN office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm. Messages and emails will be returned as soon as possible.


Who do I call if I have questions related to why this is a new requirement?

Please call the Child Care Services Program Manager at the Office of Child and Family Services, Crystal Arbour at (207) 626-8683 or email

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