Credential Cohort FAQs

What is a Credential Cohort?

A group of practitioners who work together with a trained facilitator to share resources and support around obtaining a Maine Credential.

What is a Maine Credential?

Maine Roads to Quality in Partnership with the Maine Department of Health and Human Services has developed credentials to promote early childhood workforce competence in the following areas: Family Child Care, Infant Toddler Care, Youth Development, Inclusive Care, Technical Assistance, and Leadership for Directors.  A person holding a Maine Credential is recognized as having knowledge, skill, and competence in the Credential focus area.

Who can join a Credential Cohort?

Anyone who meets the eligibility requirements for a credential (including completing training*), is prepared to compile their portfolio with the goal of applying for a Maine Credential, and agrees to the Memorandum of AgreementCredential Cohort MOA.

*Or are enrolled in the final training

What are the eligibility requirements?

The eligibility requirements are listed in Section 3 of the Maine Credential information packets linked here: Infant Toddler; Youth Development; Director; Inclusion; Family Child Care, and Technical Assistance.

How do I join a Credential Cohort?

If you’re interested in learning more about joining a Credential Cohort, please contact the Credential Team at

Do I have to be a Registry member to join a cohort?

Yes, you need to be an ‘active’ member of the MRTQ Registry to join a Cohort.

How do I become an ‘active’ Registry member?

Please contact the Registry staff at 1-888-900-0055 or

When do the Credential Cohorts begin and how long do they last?

Based on demand, new cohorts begin in October and April and convene for approximately 6 months.  A person cannot join a credential cohort that is already in progress.

How often and for how long do the cohorts meet?

Cohorts meet monthly for up to 2 hours via video conference (Zoom) with possible in-person sessions as decided by the group (post pandemic).

How much time should I be prepared to spend per month?

In order to meet your submission timeline, in addition to the meeting time, there will be activities to complete between meetings (approximately 2-4 hours).

Some of my training was completed more than 10 years ago. May I still join a cohort?

All MRTQ training must be within the required time limit (usually finished within the last 10 years) in order to participate in a cohort.

I took training similar to MRTQ PDN’s training (i.e. Applebaum), will that count for my credential? May I still join a cohort?

Training must be MRTQ PDN training as stipulated in the credential packet.  There are also requirements for the amount of training to be completed before an individual is accepted into a cohort.

Do I receive training hours for participating in the cohort?

Attendees of the cohort meetings will receive MRTQ PDN professional growth hours.  MRTQ PDN Professional growth hours will be accepted by Maine Child Care Licensing to meet yearly training requirements.

What are the technology needs?

To participate in a cohort it is necessary to have reliable phone service and/or internet access as well as email.  

During a cohort meeting, it is common to view and share documents via Zoom. Doing so via computer is recommended although some have been successful using a smartphone.

MRTQ PDN will do their best to support individuals who are lacking access to technology or who need additional supports to enable inclusion in the cohort.

I’m uncomfortable speaking in public – is this a requirement?

Cohort participants are encouraged to join in discussions and share their experiences and expertise with their peers in the cohort.  Cohorts are a safe, welcoming community.  A participant would not be expected to speak in public outside of the cohort.

What happens if I can’t attend a meeting?

MRTQ PDN understands that there may be emergency situations where an individual is unable to attend or participate in a meeting. Participants can miss a maximum of two meetings.

Will I learn how to put together my portfolio in the cohort?

Yes, helping participants to create a professional portfolio is a goal of the cohort.

Can I participate in two Credential Cohorts at the same time?

No, a person is not allowed to participate in two Credential Cohorts at the same time.